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Best Top Sale & Conversion Tech Support Segments:

Pop up calls

Get Genuine Windows & Pop up calls for your tech support business at lower cost.

QuickBooks Calls

Looking for QuickBooks Tech Support calls? Don't worry we have QuickBooks Calls.

Printer Calls

Get Printer Support call at lowest rate in industry, justifying also the call quality.

Email Calls

Get Email Tech support calls related to Gmail, Thunderbird, AOL etc.


Get cloud tech support calls for Office 365, Mailbird, Google Apps & so on.

Router Calls

If you are looking for Router call, we have few genuine calls of Router as well.

Skype Calls

Looking for Skype support calls? We have number of Skype calls. Contact us.

Windows Calls

Troubleshoot Windows issues by getting good quality of support calls at justified cost.

Antivirus Calls

Looking for Antivirus subscription & tech sales call. We have in bulk for you.


Get cost efficient Browser tech support calls for your technical support center.


Looking for PC/laptop tech support calls. We have hardware calls available too.


Get networking & server related calls like: Exchange Server, Domino Server etc.

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  7. Are you frustrated with advance payment scammers?
  8. Are you not receiving accurate reporting for your purchased calls?
  9. Are you facing issues with refunds for your tech support services?
  10. How can I differentiate between genuine inbound tech support calls and fake ones?
  11. What are some red flags to watch out for when dealing with inbound tech support calls providers?
  12. What are the common challenges in managing a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) account?
  13. Are there specific categories or niches within tech support leads that I can target?
  14. What are some effective strategies or methods to obtain genuine tech support calls?
  15. What are the essential components to include in professional terms and conditions for tech support services?
  16. How can I protect myself from advance payment scammers in the tech support industry?
  17. What are the key elements of a comprehensive reporting system for purchased tech support calls?
  18. How can I address issues related to refunds for tech support services?
  19. What are some best practices for resolving disputes or conflicts with tech support leads providers?

If from the above questions, your answer is yes then you are at right place. Welcome to We at Buythecalls assure you yo genuine technical support calls.

Special Feature

If you are looking for a buyer, We will purchase your calls if you have surplus Tech calls

  1. Precisely Targeted International Audience: Reach your desired customer base with our tech support services, targeting specific countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and more.
  2. Authentic Inbound Tech Support Calls: Experience genuine inbound tech support calls that are generated from real users seeking assistance, ensuring the quality and relevance of the leads you receive.
  3. Result-Oriented Tech Support Calls via PPC: Benefit from our expertise in generating high-quality tech support calls through effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategies, maximizing your conversion rates and ROI.
  4. Ethical SEO & SMO Techniques for Tech Support Calls: Our tech support calls are generated using ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) techniques, aligning with industry best practices to drive organic and targeted traffic.
  5. Extensive Network of Technical Websites: Leverage our extensive network of authoritative technical websites where genuine queries for tech support services are generated, ensuring a steady stream of qualified leads.
  6. Professional Approach with Clear Terms & Conditions: We uphold the highest professional standards by working with clearly defined terms and conditions, fostering transparent and reliable business partnerships.
  7. Money-Back Guarantee for Undelivered Calls: Your satisfaction is our priority. If we fail to deliver the agreed-upon number of tech support calls, we offer a hassle-free refund policy, ensuring your investment is protected.
  8. Accurate Reporting with Subscription to Reporting Tools: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your tech support campaigns through our subscription to comprehensive reporting tools. We provide accurate reports on call metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  9. Diverse Campaign Support: Catering to various tech support needs, we offer inbound tech support calls for different campaigns, including Windows issues, antivirus software, QuickBooks support, and more.
  10. Customizable Targeting: Allow clients to specify their target audience based on specific countries, regions, or demographics to tailor the tech support calls to their desired market.
  11. Multilingual Support: Offer tech support calls in languages other than English to cater to a broader international audience.
  12. Niche-Specific Tech Support Calls: Provide specialized tech support calls for specific industries or software, such as Mac support, Microsoft Office, Adobe products, or mobile devices.
  13. Real-Time Call Transfers: Implement a system that allows for immediate transfer of inbound tech support calls to client representatives for faster resolution and customer satisfaction.
  14. Dedicated Account Manager: Assign a dedicated account manager to each client, acting as a single point of contact for personalized assistance and prompt communication.
  15. Enhanced Refund Policy: Offer a transparent and customer-friendly refund policy with clear guidelines to build trust and ensure client satisfaction.
  16. Call Quality Assurance: Implement a quality assurance process to monitor and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the tech support calls, ensuring high standards are maintained.
  17. Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Provide detailed analytics and reports to clients, including call duration, conversion rates, caller demographics, and other relevant metrics to enable data-driven decision making.
  18. CRM Integration: Integrate with popular customer relationship management (CRM) software to streamline lead management and enhance customer experience.
  19. Flexible Pricing Models: Offer flexible pricing options, such as pay-per-call or monthly packages, to accommodate varying client budgets and requirements.
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  2. Chennai
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  4. Chandigarh
  5. Mumbai & Kolkata
  6. France
  7. USA
  8. Australia

The tech support industry itself isn’t inherently a scam. Many legitimate businesses offer tech support services. However, there has been a noticeable prevalence of scam operations within the tech support field, leading some to perceive the entire industry with suspicion.

Here’s how a common tech support scam operates: Scammers will call or send messages to individuals claiming that their computer has a virus or some other problem. They’ll offer to fix the issue, but to do so, they require the person to provide them with remote access to their computer. Once they’ve gained access, they may install malware, steal personal information, or charge for services that they didn’t actually perform.

That being said, legitimate tech support companies do exist, and they play an important role in maintaining the technology we rely on daily. These companies typically operate with transparency and accountability, and they don’t rely on scare tactics or deceit to get customers.

Here are a few guidelines to help identify legitimate tech support:

  1. Proactive contact: Legitimate tech companies generally don’t contact you unless you’ve requested assistance or have a pre-existing relationship. Unsolicited contact is a common tactic of tech support scammers.

  2. Request for remote access: While remote access can be a useful tool for tech support, it’s often misused by scammers. A legitimate company will clearly explain why they need remote access and what they’re going to do. They’ll also respect your choice if you’re uncomfortable with it.

  3. Payment requests: Scammers often ask for payment information upfront, or they demand payment via untraceable methods like gift cards or wire transfers. Legitimate companies usually have transparent pricing and accept standard forms of payment.

  4. Professionalism: Legitimate companies generally have professional websites, use business email addresses, and maintain a professional demeanor.

In summary, while there are scams associated with the tech support industry, there are also many legitimate businesses offering these services. It’s crucial to be cautious and understand how to distinguish between a scam and a legitimate service.

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